How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Gaining followers can be a difficult task. Instagram is among the top 10 most used Social Media platforms and is used by nearly 500 million people worldwide. There are a few things you should know about how to reach out to followers and keep them interacting with your Instagram account. We have come across a few useful tips that can generate more followers for your own account or for other accounts that you might be working on. Take a look and see which of these tips you can utilize for yourself.

Post Frequently and Consistently
Unlike Facebook, frequent posts are not an issue with Instagram. The minimum amount that you should post per day is at least once. However, the more followers you have the more frequently you should post. We suggest 3 times per day. Instagram thrives on visual appeal and the best way to spread your photos is by posting frequently. Take note that posting the same photo more than once is a huge mistake; make sure your content is unique.

Research Your Hashtags
For Instagram, hashtags are kind of like metadata for websites. Each hashtag links a niche or a category to your image. You need these hashtags so that the users can define and find your specific content around Instagram. Do a bit of research and check to see which hashtags are at the top of the trending list for your target audience, and then add them to your image as long as they fit in and make sense. Don’t forget to include the obvious hashtags, as well. Your maximum hashtags limit is 30. If you exceed this amount, Instagram will not allow you to make the post. Also, make sure your tags are relevant. #summer isn’t going to fit in well with a picture of a winter wonderland.

Share Other Users’ Content
Find the most sought after images around Instagram and share it on your account. This can generate a huge amount of followers and is an excellent way to engage with other users. You can even use content from other social media platforms. If you do decide to share another user’s post or content, make sure you give them credit and cross reference the hashtags that they used in the original post.

Don’t Forget to Use the Filters
Everyone knows about the large amount of filters and tools that Instagram offers, use them! They are there for a reason. Statistically, filtered photos have a 20% higher chance of being viewed and about a 40% higher chance of being commented on. This is more than enough of a reason to use them on nearly every image you post. There are some exceptions, though. If you used a filter when the photo was taken then you can avoid using Instagram tools on it. Furthermore, do some research regarding what types of images are more likely to be looked at and commented on. We know that blue is a preferred color versus red, more background detail will get your higher view rates, higher levels of texture also generate more views, and single dominant color photos will also be more appealing. There are plenty of other things you should consider, so do your research about current visual trends and keep up with them. They can change often.

Talk and Get Involved
Instagram is a place to make connections and friends. It’s a place where people share content they enjoy and give feedback to others either through sharing, commenting, or even putting up a simple emoji. You should be striving to become a part of this community through your posts. Get involved, talk to others, and communicate. All of these are part of being a user on Instagram and will result in more followers and views.

Instagram is a huge platform with many creative and friendly users. As long as you have an interesting niche and are willing to put in the work to display it in an interesting way, then you are bound to collect a massive follower base over time. Use these tools and tips to highlight what you are all about and let your followers know that you care about every single post.

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