Master Slider Plugin

Master Slider Plugin for WordPressSliders are used on the main page of a website as a way to highlight images, products or featured content. Known as slideshows, rotating images, or content sliders, it’s important to use one that’s compliant and adaptive for current multi-platform viewing options.

What sets Master Slider apart from others is, it was made to be an out-of-the box responsive WordPress Slider solution, perfectly designed to work on any size screen and is fine-tuned to act appropriately across many different viewing environments. Built with SEO in mind, which is extremely important as you can change any type of HTML elements including headings, paragraph and lists to fine tune your SEO factor.

Features include:

- Super smooth transition for Touch and Swipe navigation.
- Works in any WordPress theme.
- Can add any HTML contents (texts, images, etc) with layers slider capability.
- Provides video support.
- Variety of layouts, transition effects, styling options.
- Define exact width and height of slider area.
- Assign horizontal or vertical transitions.
- Drag and drop visual interface.
- Smart preloading.

With many slider plugins, a collection of images are uploaded, and the plugin displays them all in the same way. With Master Slider – each slide can be configured uniquely. You can define the color background, image background, or a video background, slides can be linked and text can be included underneath.

Master Slider is available in three versions:
WordPress Free, WordPress Pro and as a jQuery Plugin

Here is a Demo of Master Slider, if you'd like to see more of how it is able to enhance content on your website.

Here is a client website using Master Slider in their header:

If you’re unsure which version best suits your site needs, or if you’d like installation and configuration assistance, open a support ticket by emailing

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