Who's Talking About Me?

Do you have any idea what others may be saying about you and/or your business?

Do you have any idea how your competitors are trending?

What are your current methods of determining if you’re getting any “mentions” and how prominent your keywords are across social platforms?

Monitor your own performance, and gather data on your competition using these online tools:

SocialMention, online tool for monitoring "mentions"
price: free

Features focusing on video, blogs and social media. Just enter a search term, a company, a keyword, and you'll discover what's been said about that term across social platforms. Includes often mentioned.

Infagraph, social media tool
price: free

Tracks what's trending in your social media niches and focuses on your specific industry.

Premise of this tool is for you to "use the power of your audience to know what content and
brands are trending with them". Can be used for your company and also for competitor analysis.

Google Alerts, tool for monitoring “mentions”
price: free

An easy to use tool that sends reports to your inbox. You can monitor for keywords, mentions of your social and web site links, and mentions of your company. You can even set up to know every single time your competitor is mentioned online.

IceRocket, tool to monitor specific keywords
price: free

Track "mentions" on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.
Offers a Trend Report, just enter the term you want to see mentioned and receive a graph illustrating how many posts a day the term appears, plus the total number of blog posts covering a 30 day period.

Addictomatic, monitor a brand’s reputation and influence
price: free

A discovery platform tool that searches Google, Twitter, Bing, WordPress, Flickr, and YouTube to find the most recent news, blog posts, images and videos, based on keywords. Also breaks down the search results into Headers, as opposed to Google that lists everything all together.

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