4 Hot Social Media Holiday Marketing TipsOct42021

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4 Hot Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips
  • Is this your first holiday season marketing your products and/or services online?
  • Are you a non-profit wanting to stand-out and bring in more donations?
  • Did you experience less than stellar sales/donations last holiday season?

Here are a few social media marketing tips you might want to include in your holiday social media marketing strategy this year. 

#1   Make a Plan

Before the flurry of activity starts, decide which holidays you’re going to include in your social media marketing campaigns, and create a posting schedule. Here are a few holidays to consider:

  • Halloween
    Ranks second is the U.S. for online holiday shopping.
  • Thanksgiving
    All about being thankful and family. Create a few quotes, sayings and recipe posts people can share with friends and family.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    Over 60% of people wait to for these dates to shop online. Extend Black Friday deals to Cyber Monday sales. Include free shipping and promo codes in campaigns leading up to these shopping days.
  • Hanukkah
    Often overshadowed by Christmas, spread awareness, ask followers for their experience with this holiday. Encourage them to share their memories, holiday food ideas and recipes.
  • Christmas
    Be creative with your post content, and images. Be unique with your campaigns, product presentation, specials, offers, and pricing. Bundle specials when possible.
  • New Year’s Eve
    Time of the year for resolutions. Campaign content can be geared toward what you believe your audience needs at this particular time of year. Offer a freebie, have a new year flash sale.

#2   Start Campaigns Early

Social media has become the main attraction, and there’s a reason businesses start their seasonal holiday campaigns early.

You want to run a planned series of social media campaigns to build anticipation, and create a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. As the weeks pass, your audience will learn great deals are on the way, and time-sensitive sales dictate an immediate purchase. Cross-link to complimentary products/services and up-sell.

#3   Instill Loyalty

Show your appreciation to new customers, existing customers and email list subscribers with a personalized ‘thank you’, and include an exclusive offer or buy early advantage. Cross-link to new and limited products/services with enticing prices.

#4  Be Genuine

People get stressed during the holidays. Tone down sales talk and don’t overwhelm with constant promotion.

What can you provide of value?
Gear content toward how your products and/or services can actually help.

Helping your customers and followers during your holiday promotions (and all-year long as well) will make them remember you when it comes time to make a purchase, or schedule a service.

Bonus Tips

  • Make the entire holiday season an event, with ideas and reasons to celebrate. People feel better when they’re in the holiday spirit.
  • Local businesses can plan and hold community events before customer schedules get filled up. Consider partnering with a local non-profit and fundraise for a local cause that’s important to you.
  • Local service businesses can post information about, and promote season-sensitive services

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