Are Brand Ambassadors in Your Future?Jan252021

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Are Brand Ambassadors in Your Future?

Have you ever thought of leveraging Brand Ambassadors to market your business?

If not – now might be the perfect time!

Brand Ambassadors can be beneficial to all businesses, whether small, large, retail, online only, etc.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador most often:

  • Believes in your company whole-heartedly, and thinks of themselves as your biggest fan club.
  • Is always blogging or posting online about your product (or service).
  • Writes online reviews that include positive messages about your product (or service).

What’s the Difference between an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador?

Traditionally, an Influencer represents a brand, normally on a short-term contractual basis, and is being paid a set sum to endorse the company, along with a specific product or service.

A Brand Ambassador is most often a person that uses the product (or service), loves it, naturally promotes it, and is rewarded in the way of perks for their advocacy.

Why Start a Brand Ambassador Program?

Brand Ambassadors can:

  • Be everywhere you can’t be, in any part of the world.
  • Boost social media Brand awareness.
  • Have direct access to focus groups and followers you may never get.
  • Influence sales, and increase your website visitors.
  • Provide customer online assistance.
  • Act as a spokesperson for your Brand.

What Can a Brand Ambassador Do for Your Business?

People are more apt to purchase a product/service from someone who’s used it and is talking about it – rather than from a faceless Brand.

Brand Ambassadors help your Brand in ways you may not be able to do yourself.

Brand Ambassadors can:

  • Provide positive product experiences, and sincere word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Assist in developing a positive image of your company, and Brand credibility.
  • Speak intelligently and give information about your product (or service).
  • Help to put out fires, and defend your Brand if negative press erupts. 
  • Sway their social media audience to visit your website, read your blog, try out a product, or visit your service page. 

Tips for Starting a Brand Ambassador Program 

  • Layout the goals of the program.
  • Create policies and guidelines.
  • Determine who and what type of individuals you want as your ambassadors.
  • Define how you’re going to support and communicate with your ambassador team.
  • Detail an incentive and compensation plan, whether it be discounts, freebies, or financial compensation.
  • Monitor the progress of your ambassador program. If goals aren’t being met, then change things up.