Quick Quiz:? Facebook Likes vs FollowersJun222020

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Quick Quiz:? Facebook Likes vs Followers

Back in the day, Facebook told us getting “Likes” to your page was a good thing.
With all their algorithm changes are “Likes” really a big deal anymore”?


A Facebook LIKE is an individual that’s opted to attach their name to your Page as a Fan. When people Like your page they’re expressing support for that Page.

A Facebook FOLLOW is an individual that’s opted in to receive updates on Posts you make in their Newsfeed.
(based on the current Facebook algorithm)

What if the “Like” and “Follower” Numbers are Different?

The most common reason why you'll see more Likes than Followers is due to people choosing to Unfollow your Page – most often to stop your posts from appearing in their Feed.

How Do I View My “Likes” and “Followers”?

On your Facebook page, locate “Community” in the Right column:

Facebook Likes vs Followers

Is a “Like” More Important than a “Follower”?

It’s said that Likes are good, but Followers are better,

Likes build numbers, but Followers actually read your content.


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