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Quick Tips for Growing Your Email List

Growing an Email List is an ongoing task.

Your Email List is your lifeline for connecting with new and established customers.

The reward comes when you start seeing increased sales.


  • Is Personal.
  • Is Targeted.
  • You Own the List. You don't own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When Social Media platforms change their policies (which they often do) your efforts could all be for naught.

Did You Know?

Email Lists get 10x higher conversions than Social Media campaigns.

Our Favorite Tips for Growing Your Email List

Online Tips:

PopUp Form
Personalize a non-intrusive PopUp Form on your website to collect list subscribers.

Text to Join
A quick and easy way to collect new email addresses and grow your contact list. Just choose a keyword and promote it at your place of business or events. New subscribers can text the keyword to a generated phone number and submit their Email address to automatically join a mailing list of your choice.

Currently, Text-to-Join is only available within the continental United States, and not in U.S. territories or elsewhere internationally.

Facebook “Join My List” App
The Join My List app for Facebook allows you to collect new contacts directly from your Facebook business page by adding a “Join My List” tab to the left-hand side of your page. When visitors to your Facebook business page click the tab, they can sign-up for your mailing list through a customizable sign-up form.

Write Two-Part Blog Posts Rather than Single Posts
Add a subscribe box at the end of your post letting people know to Subscribe if they’d like to be notified when Part 2 is live on your Blog.

Offline Tips:

Printable SignUp Sheet
You should always be prepared to ask for and get sign-ups to your Email List no matter where you are, including:

  • In-store Foot traffic.
  • At Register check-out.
  • On Sales calls.
  • On Service calls.
  • Front desk or Reception desk.
  • From Service, Delivery or Food truck.
  • Tradeshows, Farmer’s Market, Events, Seminars, etc.

Download and print an Email sign-up form.

ListBuilder App
Not too many people use a clipboard anymore to get subscribers or sign-ups. The ListBuilder App lets you collect names and Email addresses through your tablet, and adds them to the List of your choosing in your account.

Download and use the ListBuilder App on Apple and Android tablets, exclusive to Constant Contact members.

Business Cards
A well designed Business Card is memorable and an easy reference to you and your business. Have some made up with a link to a specific website Landing Page that includes “About” information and an Email List Subscriber Box.

Leave your Business card everywhere. Make it a general rule that no matter where you go - to leave or hand out at least three Business Cards.

Check with your automated Email provider to see if they offer any of the features listed above. If they don’t – you can take a test drive and use our tips with the free trial at Constant Contact.

Here’s to Growing your Email List!

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