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Quick Tips for Using Instagram Live to Promote Your Business

Instagram Live has become a mainstream method for businesses to connect with those interested in their products and/or services – while generating more business sales.

Small and community-based businesses whether product or service based, can benefit from promoting their business on a weekly Instagram Live.

People are:

  • Looking for relatable companies they can directly interact with.
  • More apt to buy from businesses they can regularly connect with online.
  • Expecting to be able to find businesses they buy from on social media.

Instagram Live lets businesses:

  • Interact in real time with customers and potential buyers.
  • Promote time-sensitive content, promotions and events.
  • Show people a more authentic side of their business, while building relationships and trust.

Did You Know?

  • 82% of people prefer live video to a business / brand social post.
  • Video generates more comments that any other type of Instagram post.
  • Video posts received twice the engagement as other post types. 

Schedule and Plan Video Content

Your audience will come to look forward to your videos. It’s best to decide on a schedule and then stick to it. Define a goal for each video episode. Varying content on a rotating basis makes it easier for you to define topics.

Topics will depend upon your business niche, and may be different for those:

  • Who sell products.
  • Who sell services.
  • Non-profit organizations marketing for donations and events.

Here are a few video content topics to include in your rotation, adapt as needed: 

  • Review a new product.
  • Do a countdown to a new product.
  • Demonstrate how to use a product.
  • Educate about services, what their benefit is and who uses them.
  • Review one service and why it’s relevant to right now.
  • Highlight video of projects you’ve completed, maybe do step-by-step.
  • Host a question and answer session.
  • Offer tips and hacks.
  • Talk about how your business operates differently from other companies.

Increase Your Reach

At the end of each video don’t forget to:

  • Include a short preview of your next Live session.
  • Include a CTA (call-to-action) to visit your website or a landing page.
  • Save your video.
  • Add video to Stories.
  • Allow sharing.
  • Post video to Facebook.

More To Do 

  • Add a brief intro to each Live session – introducing yourself, your business, and the session topic.
  • Add a Question sticker to Stories, so people can type questions, and you can then answer during an Instagram Live session.
  • Check your DMs (direct messages) after a Live session. If people asked questions or made comments while you were Live, you’ll want to respond promptly, to continue the conversation and build relationships. 
  • Review your Instagram metrics to determine how a Live session performed. Refine goals and content presentation if needed. For first-time Instagram Live users, use the initial set of metrics as a baseline for future Live session performance.


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