Take a 2 Minute Instagram Quiz . . . And see how much you really know!Feb252019

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Instagram has steadily been evolving into a viable platform for Business owners to establish their presence and cultivate new sales. Learning as much as you can about Instagram helps you to make better posting and advertising decisions.

Let’s see how much you know already:

How many Monthly Active Advertisers are on Instagram?

2 million as of Sept, 2017 - up from 1 million advertisers in March, 2017


What Percentage of Instagram Users Actively Follow a Business Account?

80 percent +. According to Instagram, as of March, 2017 - 80% of users say they follow at least one business. And have visited a website, emailed or direct messaged or got directions for a business


What’s the Main Reason People Say They Unfollow Brands on Instagram?

Primary unfollow reason for Businesses/Brands is because the content isn’t interesting or relevant to the user


Which Business Instagram Account Do You Think will Achieve the Highest Engagement Rate?

The Brand that posts three times per pay to an audience of 100k+ followers averaging 3000 likes per post?
The Brand that posts once per day to an audience of 2500 followers averaging 400 likes per post?

The Brand that posts once per day to an audience of 2500 followers averaging 400 likes per post


As of April, 2018 – Which New Element Could be Added to an Instagram Bio?

Choose from: Emojis, Location, Hashtags#, Links, Captions


Can Anyone Add Links to Instagram Stories?

Only Business accounts with 10,000+ followers. Links in Stories is a good strategy to increase subscribers and traffic


What is the Most Important Element that Helps Businesses Receive More Engagement on their Posts?

Is it: Filters, Mentions, Location or Hashtags#?



What is the Most Widely Used Instagram Ad Format?

Is it: Stories Ads, Video Ads, Single-Image Ads or Carousel Ads?

Single Image Ads


Businesses are Allowed to Tag How Many Products on a Shoppable Post?

Is it: 5, 10, 15 or 20 products?

Five products


What’s the Maximum Number of Photos that can be Added to a Carousel Ad?

10 Maximum Number of Photos that can be Added to an Instagram Carousel Ad


When You Follow More than 160 Accounts per Hour on Instagram, What Happens?

Is it: Your Instagram account is blocked for two days, Your account is banned for 24 hours, or Nothing Happens.

Your Instagram Account is Banned for 24 Hours


What’s the Recommended Number of Hashtags# to Use in a Post?

Is your answer: 1-3, 4-10, 11-20, as many as you want.

Four to Five Instagram Hashtags# statistically prove to receive the most engagement


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