Twitter For Business

Twitter is "micro-blogging" site that allows businesses to market themselves directly to their target audience. Allow your personality and culture of your company to come through and generate leads to convert them into customers. Here are some notes on how to get started.

1. Find out if your prospects are on twitter Use - type in your keywords and see what comes up to find out if your industry's audience is using twitter alot or not

2. What's the best day/time to tweet? Depends on the audience you want to reach You must listen to the audience first. Follow folks and find out when they are most active.

3. Should you link your accounts to facebook, etc? - yes. Get maximum distribution by posting once to all your social networks at once.

4. To increase your followers:
add a bio
add a link

5. What to tweet?
news releases

6. What NOT to tweet:
- don't tweet only about your products

7. What gets retweeted?
- good blogs posts
- free trials
- special offers

8. How to measure your results?
- # of followers
- # of replies (@username)
- grade
- referrers from

- Google is including twitter posts in search results
- Include links to your website/blog content in your tweets to generate leads
- Blogging increases twitter reach by 75% when you tweet and link to the blog post

See the Hosting Connecticut Twitter page.

If you would like assistance in setting up your Twitter account, please email support.

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