Email Link or Form?

There are two main ways websites allow you to contact the site owner.

1. Email form - requires programming for the form fields and email sending (all done behind the scenes when the site is built)

2. Email link - requires the use of the visitor's email program. If their email program is not configured on their computer, it will ask him to set up his email program. (Many people use email programs and have them already configured and in use daily - others use a webmail type program and haven't configured their email program)

Here's how to link an email address:

For this:  Email me

Type this:  Email Me (replacing with your own email address)

More About Email Forms:

We use email forms so visitors won't need to use their own email program; it avoids confusion. And with a form we can hide your email address so it isn't easily harvested by spammers.

Our Contact Form is a good example of an email form (see screenshot below).

There is more information available on email forms in our support manual. See the page on CGI Center for info on using a form handling script.

Email form example


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