Using Your Diskspace Wisely

Make Good Use of Your Diskspace

We all tend to take our disk space for granted. But when it's gone, all heck can break loose. You can't access your email, you can't upload files, ugh! A few preventative measures will keep unnecessary files from using up your valuable diskspace.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce your space usage:

1. Delete all old files that you are not using
Go to your File Manager > public_html > files are listed here. This may include old versions of web pages and images you are no longer using.

2. Delete stats files that you are not using
Go to your File Manager > public_html > stats > files are listed here

3. Reduce file size on images if possible
See our Tutorial on Image files

4. Make sure to delete old email from the server using File Manager > mail or by logging into webmail

5. Set your email program to delete email from server when you download it to your computer. Set your webmail preferences to delete mail from trash on logout.


The www folder in the File Manager is an alias of the public_html folder, so it doesn't take up any space.

If you don't have any expendable files to delete, you can upgrade your hosting package to get more space. Upgrading will usually get you more bandwidth (transfer) as well.

To check your disk space, log into your cPanel. You will see how much space you are using vs how much space you have free. Stats are also shown for transfer usage, email addresses, and mailing lists. See the Control Panel Overview page in our Support Manual for more detail.

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