Website Terms Explained

How is a website like an apartment? Read on to find out and have all the website lingo explained in a simple-to-understand metaphor!

A web site is like a house. It has:

  • An address (domain name)
  • A physical location with enough space (hosting)
  • Several rooms (the web pages)
  • A big enough door to let people in and out (bandwith / transfer)
  • A superintendent (website designer / maintainer)

You and your visitors will also need:

  • A car to get there (ISP-internet service provider like Comcast, Cox, etc)

It's also nice to have:

  • A mailbox (email using your domain name)
  • An answering machine (autoresponders)
  • A mailman (cgi scripts to process forms)

If you have a business there too (online store) you might need:

  • Shopping baskets (shopping cart)
  • Cash register (merchant account)
  • A security system (secure certificate)
  • Good advertising (search engine optimization)

Now we're getting a little carried away . . .

  • Neighborhood (the world wide web)
  • Basement with a dumbwaiter (database)
  • Hallways (hyperlinks within your site)
  • Phone line (hyperlinks to other sites)

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