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Cron Job Manager

Cron Job Manager
With the Cron Job Manager, you can set up commands that will run automatically at set intervals that you specify.

By default, the run-time of each entry will be displayed in an easy-to-read (simple) format; however, you may choose to switch to a more advanced format.

While viewing the entries in 'Advanced' mode, you will see exactly how they are formatted to be read by Cron.

Enter the command and description for your new cron job.

Command - specify what the cron job should do

Then enter the run times for the cron job by choosing the minute, hour, day, month and weekday:

Minute - every minutes
Hour - every hour
Day - every day
Month - every month
Weekday - either not applicable or a particular day of the week

When you're finished, click save crontab and your job will appear.


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