Custom Non-Profit Marketing Services

Online digital marketing services for your non-profit organization. Email marketing, SEO, web design, Google services and social media for non-profits.

Non-Profit Marketing Services

HostingCT is your non-profit partner, delivering innovative marketing solutions to non-profit professionals and organizations looking to further their cause effectively and affordably. From designing highly engaging websites to managing day-to-day outreach, we work with your team to surpass your goals. We offer non-profit SEO services and non-profit marketing services to help you get your message out. Additionally, we provide guidance on how to start up a non-profit or open a new location. Our services are tailored to help non-profits expand their reach, gain support, and create meaningful impact.

non-profit marketing services

Custom Non-Profit Website Design

Your website should be accessible on all devices. It must meet minimum speed and quality standards. Your site should convey your mission, professionalism and trustworthiness. It's the digital face of your organization.

What we do for your website:

  • Security (HTTPS)
  • Mobile optimization
  • Webchat
  • Secure online forms
  • Blog to engage supporters
  • Intuitive design

SEO for Non-Profits

Studies show the top search results get the most clicks. Imagine your site appearing on the first page - more visibility, credibility and supporters.

Our SEO gets you:

  • Long-lasting, measurable SEO.
  • Optimized online campaigns
  • SEO for your landing page

non-profit digital marketing

Google Services for Non-Profits

Expand your reach with Google Business Profile and Maps. More and more potential supporters use Maps to find local non-profits. We leverage Google to connect you with more supporters.

You'll rank higher in searches so you show up when people look for you. We understand the supporter journey to get you in front of them.

Our Google services include:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Ads
  • Targeting messaging

Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

Showcase your mission on social media. We offer targeted solutions to get you more engaged supporters quickly.

With our non-profit social media marketing strategy, you’ll get:

  • Best branding for your organization
  • More referrals
  • More engagement

digital marketing for non-profit

Email Marketing for Non-Profits

Revolutionize how you connect with your supporters and boost donor loyalty through automated email marketing.

Well-crafted campaigns and personalized messages keep your organization top-of-mind with those who care most. Whether sharing upcoming events, campaign updates, or requests for support, email is an effective yet affordable channel for regular outreach. Best of all, analytics provide actionable insights into levels of engagement over time.

Our customized email marketing services help you:

  • Schedule Automated Updates: Reduce repetitive tasks through timed alerts and reminders to subscribers about organizational activities and milestones.
  • Foster Deeper Connections: Segment contacts for tailored messaging that resonates based on history and interests. This personal touch strengthens relationships between your non-profit and supporters.
  • Reactivate Inactive Subscribers: Use data-driven follow-ups to reinvigorate support from donors and contacts who have lapsed or grown less committed over time. Marketing automation tools make this easy and scalable.
  • Request Reviews and Feedback: Instantly grow credibility by encouraging happy supporters, donors and volunteers to share the love in the form of online reviews. Glowing testimonials attract new visitors.
  • Increase Overall Engagement: Whether through monthly e-newsletters, special announcements or annual fundraising appeals, use email to build habitual connections and enqueue supporter actions.

Digital Marketing for Your Non-Profit Organization

We customize digital campaigns to target, direct and motivate supporters. We create engaging content to promote your mission across channels. Our digital services expand your reach effortlessly.

The digital marketing benefits for your non-profit organization include:

  • Faster results
  • Connecting when it matters
  • Targeted blog content

"Over the past decade, HostingCT has been a valuable resource to the Windsor Food & Fuel Bank by developing our website and helping us to manage and enhance it. Paula’s understanding of nonprofit organizations, her fast response time when we need support, and her knowledge of web marketing options help us to maintain an active and appealing on-line presence. This has enabled us to continually communicate with the community and grow our donor database as we fulfill our mission “to assure that no Windsor resident goes hungry, is cold, or goes without basic necessities.”
- Windsor Food & Fuel Bank

We look forward to working with you on your Non-Profit Website and Marketing Needs.
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Google Services for Non-Profits

Boost your non-profit organization growth with Google Business Profile.

SEO for Non-Profit Organizations

Start improving the SEO of your website today. Remember that Search Engine Optimization takes time, so start today!

Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits

We offer you targeted solutions that revamp your social media resulting in more leads in a shorter time.

Custom Non-Profit Website Design

Create your custom organization website today.

Email Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Use email newsletters, promotions, and announcements to build out an effective email marketing strategy for your organization.

Digital Marketing for Your Organization

Reach your intended audience! We provide the tools and services to boost your organization's presence online.