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In today's digital age, web accessibility has become a crucial aspect of online presence. Ensuring that websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities is not only a moral responsibility but also a legal requirement. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has set the foundation for web accessibility regulations, and as technology advances, the importance of adhering to these regulations has become more significant than ever before.

Make sure your website is accessible to people of all abilities with this easy add-on that allows people with disabilities to control how they interact with your website. It's the quickest, least expensive way to comply with ADA and WCAG laws and guidelines.

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Accessibility Add-on

What if your website could do more than just look good?

What if it could boost your SEO and website performance, ensuring it's user-friendly to all and optimized for search engines?

What if there was an easy, automated solution for ADA compliance and SEO performance?

website accessibility logoAccessibility Add-on from HostingCT

an AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with accessibility legislation.

Price: $600 per year plus $100 installation fee

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Accessibility Webinar

Is your website leaving out millions of potential customers?

Accessibility matters - make sure your website works for all! Join Janine Bolon of HostingCT for our free webinar "5 Positive Effects of ADA-Compliant Websites" each month
You'll learn:
- How accessibility opens up new markets
- Ways it builds customer loyalty
- How it boosts SEO & conversions
- How it future-proofs your online presence
- How it protects you legally
website accessibility webinar
Whether launching a new site or improving an existing one, this webinar provides valuable insights into leveraging digital accessibility to benefit your business.