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Has Your Website Updated to GA4? Times Almost Up!

Learn why it’s time to update Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) to Google Analytics 4, and how to do it.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, serves up comprehensive insight reports so business website owners can make strategic marketing decisions based on accurate and real-time data.

The saying goes: "The only thing constant is change", and Google has been working on another huge change that's going to impact the way your website collects, reports, and views data.

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50 + Opportunities to Promote Your Business

Planning your online and offline marketing ahead of time can make all the difference to your bottom line. We’ve compiled a monthly list so you can form a marketing plan now for upcoming promotion dates.

Along with the traditional holidays, each month of 2023 offers your business the opportunity to support and promote an array of days, events, and awareness months.

Your company or organization can give tribute, align with, and show support to days/months with promotions and events that highlight your brand.

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5 Fresh Ideas for Your Email Marketing Campaign

When you invest time, effort, and money into email marketing, you want it to pay off reasonably fast. Email still remains among the most powerful players in the realm of digital marketing, after all. To that end, there is nothing more disappointing than lackluster results despite your best efforts.

If you're experiencing a dip in your email marketing ROI, it's time to consider freshening up your campaign. A stale email marketing campaign can cost you new and possibly old subscribers.

Read on for some ideas to refresh your marketing and bring your email open rate closer to the current average of 16 percent.

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Is Spending $ On SEO Worth It?

Do you have a budget specifically allocated for SEO?

As you spend money on marketing, advertising, and other general business expenses, it's natural to wonder if search engine optimization is really worth your hard-earned dollars. In fact, you may be one of the 46 percent of small businesses in the United States that has a nonexistent SEO budget.

If that's you, spoiler alert: SEO is indeed worth your investment. Furthermore, you are most likely hurting your business if you choose to cut corners with SEO or ignore it altogether.

That said, in addition to budgeting for SEO, you have to know how to spend the money wisely.

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Join TikTok

As a business owner, you’ve probably thought of joining the hot new social media platform, TikTok. TikTok is a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. However, it can be a little tricky and intimidating to start and establish a successful business account. 

That’s why we have come up with 3 questions every business owner must ask themselves before joining TikTok:

#1. Can You Commit Time and Effort?

Not everyone goes viral right away. A successful marketing strategy on TikTok takes time and effort. If you are not willing to take time to create content and build your following then we recommend you stay away from the app because you won’t generate much ROI (Return on Investment).

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5 Important Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Results

We’re over halfway through 2022, and you know what that means – time to update (or get started!) on your holiday campaigns for the rest of the year. The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for businesses, so this article will dive into how you can optimize your time and resources while planning a marketing campaign.

Tip #1: Set clear goals

Before anything else, your business should set marketing goals, specifically, ones that are measurable and relevant. Do you want to increase sales by a certain percent, find new leads, increase brand awareness, or increase website interaction? Your objectives are not limited to these, but your business should decide on one or a few.

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Artificial Intelligence Powers Personalized Marketing

As artificial Intelligence has started to integrate itself into all aspects of business such as sales funnels and client onboarding, marketers need to look at ways they can streamline their marketing efforts to better reach and meet customer demands. Artificial intelligence is used by marketers to make automated decisions that are based on data collection, data analysis, audience observations, audience behavior and economic trends.

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How to Boost Your Business on Twitter

As a business owner, it can be hard to balance running your business with current customers and bringing in new ones. You’ve tried Facebook and Instagram but can’t seem to get much engagement. Have you considered using Twitter to expand your business? Twitter is a great platform for fast-paced content and provides businesses the opportunity to respond to followers as well as current news. It calls for less of selling your brand, and more of being personable to make new connections which will drive up sales. Read more to find out how Twitter can drastically improve your internet presence and the best tips to keep the engagement high.

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Marketing for Millennials: 5 Social Networking Tips to Reach Today's Hyperconnected Adults

Did you know? Millennials are currently the largest population of adults in the world. There are approximately 1.8 billion millennials on the planet today, and in many ways, they are your ideal target market.

So how can you get their attention and make sure that your brand appeals to their preferences?

Social media marketing is your best bet. 79 percent of millennials use one type of social media at least once a day. Here are some tips to help you use social media marketing to your advantage in targeting millennials.

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The Importance of Utilizing a CRM System for Your Business

In 2022, CRM, or or Customer Relationship System, are quickly evolving to be utilized by all types of businesses. A CRM system allows businesses small and large to gather and store customer contact information as well as prospective customers information all in one place. It is expected that by the end of 2022, CRM technology will be the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software. With that in mind, you may be asking why a CRM system would be right for your business or how you can get started? This article will answer those questions and hopefully get you started on the right path. 

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