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How to Boost Your Online Credibility By Blogging On LinkedIn

Did you know?

LinkedIn is not just a social platform for hiring employees and networking with other business leaders. It is also a decent content marketing platform where you can establish your online presence and boost your level of influence. The easiest way to do this is to publish blog posts on LinkedIn. Use this guide to get started as an influential  LinkedIn blogger.

Why LinkedIn?

The web is teeming with blogging platforms, so you may be wondering: Why publish blog posts on LinkedIn?

Here's the truth: LinkedIn isn't the most refined or the most advanced platform available for blogging. In fact, its article formatting and publishing capabilities are really quite basic. that said, it is an established network with millions of users, and while your posts may not have a high potential of going viral, you can easily reach a niche audience. What's more, you can expect a high conversion rate if you play your digital marketing cards right when posting.


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4 Facebook Tips for Business Sites Using WordPress

Did You Know?

Facebook  (aka meta) boasts 2.91 billion monthly active users.
Resource: OmniCore Agency

With Facebook being one of the most used social media sites (on a global level), businesses need to recognize the potential Facebook can play into moving success levels forward.

Here, we'll touch on a few Facebook tips that WordPress site owners can use to grow their followers, increase website visits, easily track activity statistics, and more.

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How to Market Your Business Using LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn has become one of the key social marketing tools for business owners who want to connect with their peers. Small business owners have a wide range of tools at their disposal that they can explore as they work to build their businesses.

LinkedIn is easy to navigate and provides you with the ability to broaden your network connections and give you a chance to build better business relationships. It's a great place to meet and connect with other professionals and share ideas or just discuss general issues.

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Quick Tips for Using Instagram Live to Promote Your Business

Instagram Live has become a mainstream method for businesses to connect with those interested in their products and/or services – while generating more business sales.

Small and community-based businesses whether product or service based, can benefit from promoting their business on a weekly Instagram Live.

People are:

  • Looking for relatable companies they can directly interact with.
  • More apt to buy from businesses they can regularly connect with online.
  • Expecting to be able to find businesses they buy from on social media.

Instagram Live lets businesses:

  • Interact in real time with customers and potential buyers.
  • Promote time-sensitive content, promotions and events.
  • Show people a more authentic side of their business, while building relationships and trust.
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5 Easy Ways To Market Your Small Business on TikTok

Do you “TikTok?” The latest stats show this viral video app boasts over 689 million views. And if you’ve ever taken the plunge onto the app, you’ll see why.

Loads of people use TikTok for promoting their small business. And lots of new content is posted each day. This platform is a sure-fire one to add to your bucket for  keeping up with your ongoing marketing efforts.

A TikTok business account is very easy to set up. You simply download the app, create an account or login to an existing personal account, and switch your account type in the “manage account” section. You’ll only be allowed to have one type of account, so choose wisely! 

Once your business account is up and running, you’re ready to go. Here are 5 easy ways to use TikTok to market your small business online.

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6 Facebook Post Ideas for Business Pages

For some business owners, posting content that draws in new followers can be challenging. Just when you think you've identified what type of content resonates with your existing audience - you see a trend where your page remains stagnate, and isn't growing.

The trick is to balance content geared toward retaining existing followers while bringing in new followers.

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Exciting Update on the Instagram Link Sticker

In the past, the Instagram Story link feature was only accessible for use by verified accounts or those with 10,000+  followers.

Instagram recently announced that now all users now have access to its Link Sticker feature in Instagram Stories.

Why is This Exciting?

The Link Sticker has long been a high-performing link for directing people from an Instagram Story to a website, and can be attributed to driving conversions and sales. Now it’s available to everyone on a global basis – no matter how many followers they have.

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Is Your Business Using TikTok Yet?

Did You Know?

  • TikTok is the 7th most used social network.

  • As of January, 2021, TikTok had over 689 million global active viewers.
  • TikTok boasts over 100 million monthly active USA viewers, with the majority being 18 to 29, and apx 20 percent in the 30-49 age group.

TikTok has become increasing popular with businesses wanting to expand exposure and increase engagement to a new audience base.

TikTok has a reputation of just being about challenges-gone-wrong, and non-stop-dancing. They’ve grown beyond those nuances into a successful platform for both business and personal brands.

TikTok is way more forgiving than other social media platforms, as their audience is looking for quirky videos and entertaining connections.

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4 Hot Social Media Holiday Marketing Tips
  • Is this your first holiday season marketing your products and/or services online?
  • Are you a non-profit wanting to stand-out and bring in more donations?
  • Did you experience less than stellar sales/donations last holiday season?

Here are a few social media marketing tips you might want to include in your holiday social media marketing strategy this year.

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