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Why Email Marketing Is Still Important In 2022

If you've considered ditching your email marketing campaign in favor of a more modern marketing method, think twice. Email marketing is still king in 2022. Its ROI is about 36 dollars for every dollar spent, and the average open rate across all industries is 21.6 percent.

With approximately 300 billion emails sent around the world each day, it's safe to say that though email is several decades old, it is still a stable and relevant form of communication today. Here's why you should be focusing on your email marketing campaigns and how you can restructure them to maximize your reach this year.

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7 Ways to Reinvent Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies. An average return of 4,200% means you can expect a whopping $42 for every $1 spent! It’s a massive opportunity.

Unfortunately, email marketing isn’t as straightforward as most marketers imagine. As a result, several digital marketers rarely get anything from their campaigns. A particularly interesting case is the publishing company that spent $5.3 million on email marketing over nine years with not much to show for it.

So, how do you avoid similar losses? How can you make email marketing work for you? We’ve rounded up seven practical tips to get you on the right path.


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Updated Holiday Marketing Tool for 2022

We all:

  • Know how important it is to have a marketing strategy in place well in advance. 
  • Intend to focus on our marketing strategies so we’re prepared for upcoming holidays.
  • Know that often, the day-to-day makes putting a firm plan into place a difficult task.

There’s no time like today to start planning for a successful business year. Whether you’re an organization soliciting donations, or a business wanting to increase revenue, or grow your customer base - planning ahead allows you to be strategic with your time and resources. 

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Why and How Businesses Add Coupons Into Email

As a business owner, do you want to grow your customer base and generate more sales?

Coupons are highly effective and there’s no simpler way to get coupons to those who’ll use them - then sending one through email.

Did You Know?

  • A recent survey found that 82% of shoppers redeem coupons within a week of receipt.
  • Over 150 million U.S. shoppers have used digital coupons during 2021.
  • The digital coupon redemption value is projected to reach 91 billion by 2022. 
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Are You Using the Right Mix to Drive Sales?

Did You Know?

  • People are much more likely to buy after receiving an email or a text message from a brand than seeing them through social media.
  • Social media is most valuable when combined with other marketing efforts.

recent report from Constant Contact (a leader in automated email marketing) focuses on helping small businesses understand how their customers are changing and how businesses should adjust to meet those expectations.

The data, and trends show a huge gap between what small businesses think their customers want, and what consumers are actually looking for.

Let's look at a few areas where this disconnect is most apparent - with ways small businesses can alter their marketing strategies to start driving better results. 

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6 Easy Steps for Creating Pro Quality Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Does the thought of running Facebook and Instagram ads intimidate you?
  • Does the process seem way too complicated?
  • Are you unsure of how to start?

People use a variety of platforms to prepare, create and publish their Facebook and Instagram ads - some offer ease-of-use, while others make the process cumbersome and time consuming.

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How Email Marketing Automation Helps Your Business

Would you like to drive sales and/or donations automatically?

You can!

Small businesses and non-profits are driving results in less time with easy-to-use tools.

You can too!

What is Automated Email Marketing?

Email marketing automation allows you to automatically generate more leads, increase revenue, and retain customers without manually managing your email marketing program. Automated email marketing can maximize ecommerce sales, and send personalized emails to every customer.

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Ways to Rev Up Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

People start shopping in October for the holidays.

Worried how your sales will go this holiday season?
More people than ever will be making their gifting purchases online, and that includes products, services and gift cards.

Now’s the time to start planning your email and social media marketing for the upcoming online shopping season. Take a look at our suggestions below, and see how you can expand your marketing strategy to bring in more sales.

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How Brands are Using Emojis in Email Marketing

Have you been wondering what those tiny images are in the subject line of email you receive?

Each one of those tiny images is called an Emoji, and they’re being used more and more to attract the eye of the reader, create urgency and trigger emotions.

  • Emojis are not 100% utilized in the business world but they’re catching on.
  • People are scanning and sifting through countless emails every day on multiple platforms.
  • Emojis have come to help readers prioritize email and sort through what’s important and what’s not.
  • Marketing email has seen a spike in open rates that include an Emoji.
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