Email Marketing Strategy

Use email newsletters, promotions, and announcements to build out an effective email marketing strategy!

Email Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Email marketing is about finding your audience and giving them content they find valuable. Now that you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have a good idea of what your customers and prospects want to know - questions you get often are a good place to start when thinking about what to write in.

Newsletters & Announcements

Build relationships, generate more calls, get more clients, and create more revenue.
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New Plans - 2024

  Lite Plan Standard Premium
  $12/mo $35/mo $80/mo
  Start marketing today with award-winning email and social tools. Elevate your marketing to acquire more customers and foster customer engagement with effective marketing tools. Amplify your reach and maximize your growth with our most powerful tools for automation, segmentation, and more. SMS is now free in Premium plans!
Prices are tiered based on number of contacts. Price for 0 - 500 contacts shown.
Prepay & nonprofit discounts available.

Constant Contact Features

   Basic features Advanced features
Customer list growth   - Facebook & Instagram ads integrated
- Website signup forms 
+ Facebook lookalike audience targeting 
+ Google Ads integrated
+ Text message email sign-up
Email marketing - Hundreds of email templates
- Automated welcome email for new contacts
- Check for errors
+ Products synched from Shopify, Etsy, and eBay
+ Automated emails + Resend to non-openers
+ Birthday greetings
+ Anniversary greetings
+ Abandoned cart reminders
Contact management - Store, organize and view contacts
- Easily add contacts from the tools you’re already using like Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Shopify, Etsy and more.
- Create custom segments using contact activity, tags, profiling information and more.
+ Segments created from Shopify, eBay, and Etsy data (e.g. best, recent, one-time, lapsed, etc.)
+ Auto-generated engagement segments (most, somewhat, least engaged)
Social posting - Post and schedule to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn all at once  
- Deeper engagement - Event management
+ Surveys
Reporting - Customer list growth
- Email views, clicks, bounces
- Email heat map
- Social post reach, impressions, and engagement
+ Conversion and sales reporting


Constant Contact has been offering Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing for years, but now they have expanded with Social, Event, Mobile and tools so you can get all your marketing done in one place.

All the online marketing tools you need. Connect with email, events, surveys, promotions, and Facebook. One place. More tools to help you grow your business.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach your customers, and it's a big piece of a strong marketing strategy. But when you can build relationships with people everywhere they are—like Facebook, and events—and keep them coming back with promotions and coupons, you get real business results.

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Email Marketing Solutions

Build your prospect list and customer loyalty! Use email newsletters, promotions and announcements to keep your site visitors, prospects and customers coming back.

Constant Contact makes email marketing easy and affordable. Simply add your unique message to one of the many professional B2B and B2C templates and Constant Contact does the rest:

  • Includes a variety of customizable templates (updated seasonally)
  • Builds your email list or you can import your own list of customer email addresses
  • Automatically creates HTML and text versions
  • Delivers your email in the right format
  • Hosts and manages your list
  • Tracks your results

You can use Constant Contact FREE for 30 days with your list of up to 100 addresses. Send as many campaigns as you like. No obligation. No risk.

If you need a custom template created for you, HostingCT will create a template to match your website using your logo and corporate colors.

You need to keep in touch with your customers in several ways including email marketing.


Send a Quick Email / Reminder / Sale from Your Phone!

Constant Contact has a Mobile App so you can send email marketing messages out on the fly!

Need some ideas for your next email marketing campaign?
Check out these great Email Campaign Tips.

Offers, Promotions, Events and Registrations

Offers and Promotions

Drive sales, action, or interest from new and existing customers alike by running offers and promotions through email and social media.

Create and promote shareable local offers that look great and are free to send. It's easy for your customers to share with friends, so you reach more new customers. Since you're in control of all the details, you get better results—we don't take up to 50% of your revenue like the other guys.

Create your local offer with a professional-looking theme. We'll do the writing for you: just fill in the blanks with the details of your promotion.

Send your offer to your contact list, and promote it on all your social networks. Increase customer loyalty by rewarding customers who share your offer.

Track how many people open, share, and take advantage of your local offer, and see exactly what kind of results your offer gets.

Events and Registration

Constant Contact Toolkit includes Event Registration and Management Software that lets you manage, promote, and track your next great event.

Create custom registration forms
Create a custom form that gets all the information you need to run a great event.

Track registrations in real-time
You’ll never have to wait to know how many attendees are planning to be at your event.

Process payments
Collect your attendees’ credit card payments online with Constant Contact.

Promote with email and social media
Create beautiful event invitations with our easy-to-edit templates, and share them to your social networks. 

Constant Contact Certified 2023-2024

Constant Contact

Feedback and Surveys

Find out what your customers really think.

Constant Contact lets you get instant feedback so you can better understand what your customers want. Use your online survey results to improve your business and tailor your message to your audience.

Create a survey or poll with our pre-written questions and templates in just a few minutes. Easily add your logo and branding.

Link to your online survey or poll in your email or on a webpage, blog, or social media network.

Monitor your online survey responses in real-time, and analyze your data with easy-to-read reports.