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Tips and Ideas for Your Next Email Campaign

Depending on how often you send out newsletters to your subscriber list, you spend time each day, each week, or each month thinking about what the content is going to be for the next issue.

Vary Your Email Content

Regular outgoing newsletter Emails will usually consist of one of the following:

  • General Emails to Enhance Brand Awareness
    (community involvement, company updates, business awards, etc)
  • Educational Emails
    (who needs it, why buy it, why it’s better, etc)
  • Promotional Emails
    (specials, coupons, events, sales, etc)
  • New Product Emails
    (announce new inventory, what’s now available, etc)
  • Product Advice Emails
    (how to use, why to buy, etc)
  • Customer Testimonial Emails
    (feature photos of products used and reviewed by customers, why they bought it, why they use it, etc)
  • Survey Emails
    (ask questions to improve your business, conduct product preference research, etc)

Email Campaign Tips and Ideas

Here are a few tips and ideas for future email campaigns which can be adapted to all businesses selling products and /or providing services. Always include one CTA (call-to-action) in the message directing your list back to your website.

Generals Emails to Enhance Brand Awareness

Write these email issues to draw your subscribers in and make them feel they’re being included in your company mission and activities. Send updates to recent company and/or employee community involvement, charity connections, recent business renovations, company history, and industry news and trends. Offer answers to questions that have come in your inbox that your list will benefit from knowing.

Educational Emails

In your Education Emails, write about products/services you offer, who may need them, why they are of value and why they’re better … perhaps perform a comparison of your product/service to a competitor like-product (or like-service) and also mention any guarantee offered by your company.

Promotional Emails

Include in your Promotion Emails upcoming Events that your company is sponsoring, hosting or attending, with a link to the event description and information. Promote product specials, discount coupons, upcoming and limited sales. Incorporate your products/services with upcoming seasonal and holiday content and promos available.

New Product Emails

Along with announcing new products/services, also include reviews of each and what their Pros & Cons are. Write information about the background of each product, what it’s made of, where it’s produced, how it compares to similar products on the market.

Product Advice Emails

In your Product Advise Emails, feature a product and explain how to use it, what it does, why it may needed, why and how to buy it.

Products can be demonstrated via video.

Services can by filmed in-progress via video to show end results.

Customer Testimonial Emails

Feature photos of products/services you offer. Include reviews by customers and include why they bought it, how they use it, what they use it for, would they buy it again – and if Yes, why they would buy it from you.

Survey Emails

Soliciting opinions from your subscriber list gives you the opportunity to improve your business and conduct product preference research at the same time. Ask them about new products they purchased in the last month, new services they tried. Ask them to share their experiences after those purchases.

Ask your list to share with you what more they’d like to see on your website, what information or type of products/services they need and are looking for, etc, etc.


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