How Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Your Site (and Show Up in Search Console)Jan222024

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How Social Media Can Drive Traffic to Your Site (and Show Up in Search Console)

Social media marketing is about more than just connecting with your audience and sharing your brand's personality. It's also an opportunity to drive targeted traffic back to your website. By optimizing your social media presence, you can increase site clicks and visibility in Google Search Console.

Craft Share-Worthy Content

Great content is the foundation of any good social media marketing strategy. Ensure you are creating content tailored for specific social platforms and your audience interests. Use visuals, videos, polls, infographics, and other engaging formats that will make followers want to click and share your posts. Include strategic keywords and links back to relevant pages on your website so people naturally flow to your site.

Strategize Your Calls to Action

Every social post should end with a strong call to action (CTA) prompting followers to click through to your website or specified landing pages. Vary your CTAs between asking for site visits, downloads, newsletter subscriptions, purchases, and more. Make the user feel it will be worthwhile to click that link in your bio. Track URL click performance monthly to identify which CTAs have the most success.

Optimize Social Media Metadata

Take advantage of all metadata options on social channels to increase discoverability and drive traffic with SEO. Craft compelling page and account bios using SEO keywords. Add alt text descriptions to images containing keywords. Use descriptive titles, captions, and meta descriptions that make the content search-friendly and enticing. Hashtags also help content surface in social media search.

Check Search Console for Social Referrals

After publishing social content, check Google Search Console to confirm your social posts are driving traffic back to your site. Go to Acquisition > Social > Referrals to view clicks from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other connected platforms. See which posts send the most users to specific web pages. This data can inform your ongoing social strategy.

A thoughtful social media and SEO strategy allows brands to expand reach and referral traffic. By creating click-worthy social content targeting keywords your audience searches, you can effectively boost visibility and conversions. Use Search Console to validate that your social efforts are succeeding in bringing visitors to your website. With the right approach, social platforms and Search Console data work hand in hand to build organic growth.

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