Don’t Drop The Ball: Website Audit Checklist For The New YearDec112023

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Don’t Drop The Ball: Website Audit Checklist For The New Year

The holidays are upon us again, which means another year is quickly coming to a close. For business owners, now is the perfect time to show your website some tender loving care. Giving your site a little maintenance can help ensure it continues to properly serve your business into the new year.

Here are some important end-of-year website tasks you don't want to neglect: 

Double Check Contact Forms and Lead Generation Tools

Make sure all your contact forms, lead generation tools like chat boxes, and other customer inquiry options are functioning properly. The last thing you want is for interest to fall through the cracks over the holidays. Test them thoroughly so you don't lose any sales leads.

Verify Domain Registration and Hosting Accounts

Log into your domain registrar and web hosting control panel to ensure all account details and renewal info is current. This takes just a few minutes and can save you headaches down the road.

Search for Broken Links

Use a link checker tool to audit internal links linking to pages within your site as well as external links pointing to other websites. Fix or remove any broken ones so you don't frustrate visitors.

Test Site Search

Go through your website's internal search feature with sample terms to see that it delivers expected results. Tweaking search relevance now means better experience for visitors later.

Check Page Speed

Use online tools like Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights to examine page load times. Speeding up bloated pages can aid SEO and conversion rates.

Update Any Outdated Content

Double check your site, especially the homepage, for any outdated text, offers, or images that need refreshed for the new year. An accurate, consistent site builds credibility.

Review Key Policies and Compliance

Check your privacy policy, terms & conditions page, and cookie consent notices to ensure they are up-to-date and compliant. This is also a smart time to confirm ADA and GDPR compliance.

Install Latest Software Updates

Log into your CMS dashboard and use auto-update for any plugins/extensions. For custom web software, work with your developer to install the newest releases and patches. This boosts security and compatibility.

If tackling all these website tasks seems overwhelming, know that help is available! The team at HostingCT specializes in comprehensive website audits and can handle all these maintenance items for you. We'll thoroughly inspect your site and provide a detailed list of recommendations to ensure optimal performance in the new year.

Let us give your website some extra TLC so you can focus on your business, not your site! Contact HostingCT today to learn more about our maintenance packages.