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How to See What Email Links Drive Search Traffic in Google Search Console

Adding links from your email newsletters and campaigns back to your website is a great way to drive visitors. But how can you see which of those links are actually getting clicked and bringing people to your site? This is where Google Search Console comes in handy.

Search Console provides aggregate click data for links within your emails, allowing you to see which are driving the most search traffic. Here's how to view and analyze this useful email link performance data.

Connect Your Email Platform to Search Console

The first step is connecting your email service platform to your Google Search Console property. For example if you use Constant Contact, MailChimp, ConvertKit, or other major providers, they integrate directly with Search Console.

Simply go to the external links section in Search Console, select your email platform from the dropdown, and follow the instructions to connect them. This allows Search Console to start collecting anonymous click data from links within your emails.

Locate Click Data for Email Links

Next, go to the Links report in Google Search Console. Here you'll see an Email tab that displays data exclusively for links from your connected email platform.

You can view total clicks and clickthrough rates for every link in your emails over a specific date range. The links are organized by the page they go to on your website.

Analyze Top Email Link Traffic Drivers

Review the click volume and CTR data for each link to see which are driving the most traffic to your site from emails. Sort by highest total clicks to easily identify your top email link traffic sources.

Links going to popular content like new blog posts or landing pages are likely getting the most clicks. Look for any surprises or underperforming links that may need to be revisited in future emails.

Segment by Individual Email Campaigns

For more specific insight, you can segment email click data by individual campaigns and newsletters. Use the filter dropdown within Search Console to view links from a particular email.

See which links got the most traction in your latest product announcement, newsletter issue, or special promo email. Then optimize future emails based on top traffic-driving links.

Monitor Trends Over Time

Check the email link click data in Search Console regularly to monitor trends over time. Look for rising stars - newer links gaining clicks. Also watch for downward trends on previously high-traffic links that may need to be refreshed.

Compare link performance across different email campaigns sent to various subscriber segments. See how links resonate differently with audiences. Then tailor future emails accordingly.

Glean More Insight on Your Site's Content

Beyond just email links, Search Console's Links report provides valuable aggregate click data for all links to your website.

See links driving traffic from social, other sites linking to yours, and more. This helps inform your content strategy beyond email to power more search traffic.

Optimize Emails for More Clicks

Armed with insight on top performing email links, you can optimize future email content for improved clickthrough rates.

Promote links further up emails, use better anchor text, and highlight links more prominently. Test putting the same link in different places in an email to see if placement impacts CTR.

Drive More Value from Emails

Connecting your email platform to Search Console provides actionable data to inform your strategy. See what content resonates most with your email subscribers and what drives traffic to your site. Then craft compelling emails that convert even better.

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