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Website Tutorials

Need help planning your website, writing html, marketing your website on social media? Here are lots of tutorials to help you through the maze of good website design and profitable ecommerce websites.

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The Basics

Email Accounts vs Forwarders
Email Accounts vs Forwarders
Web Site Terms Explained - How is a website like renting an apartment? Click above to find out and have all the web site lingo explained in a simple-to-understand metaphor!
Image File Size - Is your page loading slowly? Try these tips to reduce the filesize of your images.
Naming Your Web Pages and Directories
Naming Your Web Pages and Directories - Learn what to use and what not to use in your file names so that everybody can load your pages and how to organize your site with folders.

General Business

Avoid Getting "Phished"
Avoid Getting "Phished"
Year End Business Review

Planning Your Website

Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer? - You want your site to instill quality and trust. Do you have what it takes to design a killer website
Planning Your Web Site - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make sure you've got all your ducks in a row before starting to develop your web site.
Top 10 Website Mistakes - You've got a website. Great! But is it bringing you new business? The not-so-old axiom, "if you build it they will come" doesn't apply online. Make sure your website doesn't make any of the following common mistakes.
Web Site Worksheet - Things to remember! Use this sheet when thinking about how to make the best use of your upcoming website.

Tips & Tricks

Adding a Video to Website - Learn about several options you can use to add a video to your website.
Custom Favorites Icon - When you bookmark a site a tiny logo icon appears in your favorites bar next to the site's title. Here's how to make one for your own site!
Email Link or Form?
Email Link or Form? - You want visitors to be able to contact you through your website, but which method is best?
Getting Undeliverable Messages
Server Side Includes - Use SSI to ensure that common components such as a copyright notice, contact info or even navigation stay the same on all pages throughout your site. What at time-saver!

Website Maintenance

Annual Website Maintenance - It's a good idea to verify AT LEAST once a year that all your links, etc are in working order. Take a look at this helpful checklist.
Fantastico - One Click Software Installs - New! - Want to add a discussion board, ecommerce, or a blog to your website? Install an open source program right form your control panel!
Using Your Diskspace Wisely - You pay for your diskspace, so use it wisely! Here are some tips to keep your space usage down to the essentials.
Wordpress Security
Wordpress Security - Keep your wordpress site as secure as possible. Don't get hacked!


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