Reading Your Site Statistics

Is Your Advertising Working?

All our unix hosting accounts come with preinstalled stats packages.

Stats packages are powerful traffic analyzers that quickly and efficiently deliver you statistics on the traffic that your web pages have generated. They have user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUI) that by a click of your mouse button will produce your traffic reports.

Overview - when you login to Site Statistics through your control panel, you'll see an overview of your stats by month for the last 12 months.

All the data gathered in your stats program can be confusing. What should you really be concerned with:

1. Sessions - unique hosts accessing the server during a given time-window. This figure is a rough estimate of visitors to your site (it includes search engine spiders too, so it's not exact). Use the Sessions column rather than the Hits column.

2. Page Views - this is an estimate of how many times someone has viewed your pages. You can find these numbers by individual pages to determine which of your pages are the most popular (you might want to add an email signup or order button there) and which pages are not getting viewed (you might want to add a better description or change the link name pointing to the page)

3. Referrers - this tells you what site/page your visitors were last on before your site/page. Your own site will always be listed first here because if someone is already on your site and they click to another page on your site, that first page will count as one referral. Useful info here are how many visitors are coming in from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and links from other sites. Links from other relevant sites can increase your search engine ranking for the terms linked.

Top URLs - shows you which sections and pages are getting the most traffic.

Top Refer - shows you where your visitors are coming from

Top Browsers - this is helpful when you're developing or redesigning your website as it tells you what browsers your visitors are using.

What NOT to be concerned with: Hits

Don't go by hits. Hits tells you how many items have been viewed on your site. For instance, if one person views your home page and that page has 3 images on it, their one visit will count as 4 hits. Hits are not a useful indicator of anything.

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