Domain Name Transfers

What Is A Domain Name Transfer?

Transferring a domain name to our servers means that you are choosing to use Hosting Connecticut as your registrar of record for the domain name instead of the company you registered the name through originally (GoDaddy, NetSol, Wild West Domains, Yahoo-Melbourne, etc). You may use the domain name transfer process to submit an automatic request for a domain name transfer from another registrar to Hosting Connecticut.

You may use the domain name transfer process to transfer the following tlds:


Once your domain name has been transferred to Hosting Connecticut you have full control and can make any necessary changes simply by using our Domain Modification Form

Transferring your name also RENEWS your domain registration by one (1) year from its current expiration date. Please check the WhoIs database BEFORE you request a transfer to make sure:

1. The Administrative contact email address is valid
2. The domain is NOT on lock
3. The domain is NOT expired
4. And login to your current domain account to find your Authorization code prior to ordering a transfer.

Why Transfer?

Many people transfer their domains to Hosting Connecticut to get our low renewal rates ($14.95/yr). They also want to have their domain name registration and their hosting in one place, eliminating the need to coordinate with separate companies. And some people are just fed up with the terrible support they receive from other domain registration companies.

What Does a Transfer Cost?

The cost of $25 includes the transfer and an extension of your registration by one (1) year from its current expiration date. ($10 less than what NetSol charges to renew per year.)

Order Your Domain Transfer now.

An email will be sent to the Administrative Contact of each transferring domain.

The person listed as the Administrative Contact can speed up the transfer process by replying promptly to this emails. If you do not have access to the Administrative Contact email, the transfer will not go through. If the Admin contact has spam filtering on their email, it is recommended that they check their filtered email as well, just to make sure the confirmation email is not missed.

After we initiate the transfer it will take up to five (5) days for the transfer to take place, so please order your domain transfer two weeks before the expiration date.

Domain names that are successfully transferred will receive a confirmation email with the new expiration date.

Possible reasons we may be unable to process a transfer include, but are not limited to:
- you are not the Registrant, Administrative Contact or Technical Contact
- the name has been registered for less than 60 days
- the name is not registered with an approved registrar
- the Administrative Contact of the domain refused or did not reply to the confirmation email
- the current registrar has locked the domain
- you have not supplied the authorization code for your .INFO., .BIZ, or .US domain

For your protection, we will not make any changes to your domain name record during the transfer process. In addition, after a successful transfer, no modifications will be allowed to the domain name record for 15 days.

If you have questions, please Contact Support.