Annual Website Checkup

How's Your Website Health?

At least once a year (quarterly is even better) it's a good idea to take a good look at your website and review it for accuracy, dead links, etc. As many website owners don't have the time to do website maintenance themselves, we offer a Website Maintenance Checklist service that will take care of the essentials for you.
Website Maintenance Checkup checks:

  • your contact and other forms are in working order
  • your domain name record for accuracy
  • that all email addresses listed on your site are working correctly
  • your site for broken links (both internal and external)
  • your site's search feature to make sure it's working properly
  • your home page's download time
  • your copyright date is up to date
  • your privacy policy review for industry standard compliance
  • check all scripts for security and functionality updates

After testing is complete, you will receive a Checklist report with our findings and recommendations.

Order a Website Checkup