Google Analytics Case Study with ITDR

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes better understand their customers and optimize their online marketing efforts. See how one of our clients, Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees, used Google Analytics to analyze their data and increase their digital footprint.

Case Study

See how one of our clients, Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees, used Google Analytics to analyze their data and increase their digital footprint.

ITDR receives monthly reports configured by HostingCT. Each monthly report had:

  1. Definitions of key terms needed to understand reporting data
  2. A source report showing traffic and where it came from each day of the month
  3. Video overview optimization report
  4. User medium report
  5. Search terms user data
  6. An enrollment activity report

HostingCT noted both decreases and increases in traffic, including major peaks throughout the year. For example, we were easily able to see that an email campaign caused a traffic spike in the few days following deployment. We were also able to see how long users stayed on the site and whether certain page content may have needed to be tweaked.

Video stats showed us how many people viewed their online videos, including time spent watching. This helped ITDR see if the video content needed to be tweaked and if visitors were truly interested in the topics.

We were able to help ITDR see that Facebook had some of the best performance metrics out of all the other social media platforms. We couldn't possibly know this without measurement of the data. We were able to narrow down our marketing efforts to focus on one network vs. trying to win on all of them.

Differentiating between direct vs. organic traffic also gave us a huge wealth of information. This showed who was typing in the website and coming on direct vs. finding the site in search. The high numbers of organic traffic showed us that the keywords used on the site were not only working but winnable and effective.

Mobile usage was also important as we were able to make sure the site was optimized for both desktop and phone. There were a lot of mobile phone users compared to desktop, and it was imperative that we kept up with good mobile view practices to keep them coming.

The search terms section of our reports showed top keywords used to find the website. This not only helped ITDR understand how they were being found, but it gave us a better hold of what keywords to focus future research around.

Using all of this information, we were able to help ITDR understand where to focus their marketing efforts.

We were able to provide a report at the end of the year showing plans to improve and key takeaways.

Some of these highlights included: - New Users were up 5.15% from 2020 going from 33,454 to 35.177 - "Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees" account for 46% of all views in the website - Session has gone from 27,675 to 61,725 an increase of 123% - 2023 Subsidy Information for Eligible Trust Medical Plan Members was the 4th most viewed page with 3,593 views - Life Insurance was the term with the most searches

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