Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves many different aspects of website building and marketing:

Keyword research and page optimization
Keyword research determines what keywords related to your business are actually being searched by real people and how often. This information can then be used to create / optimize pages on your website, any new content you add, and your website listings (if you have any citations yet) for those keywords. 

Content creation 
Content creation without SEO keyword analysis is a missed opportunity, as we will be guessing as to which keywords are most effective for increase your business’s relevance. Content can be pages, articles, graphics, ads, etc. that are added to your website. The more high quality-content, specifically content based on keyword research, the better for your visitors and search rankings.

Adding your site to directories (citations)
Having your site added to directories enables you to begin building a backlink strategy that can assist in your SEO strategy. The number of backlinks your site has is one of the many factors search engines look at when deciding how to rank your website’s web pages. The more backlinks you have, which can come from reputable directories, the accuracy of your information on them, and the additional content of the listings (e.g. descriptions, hours) all help you with both search engines and potential customers.

Social media
Adding social media is a good way to have more listings - a Facebook business page, a Twitter page and an Instagram page are good ways to get more links, even if you don’t use them yet. 


SEO is an ongoing process. The best way to handle it is to figure it into your monthly marketing budget and keep tabs on all aspects of SEO.


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