Add-On: Local SEO Audit and Implementation

For locally focused businesses, we also offer a search engine optimization service focused on your business’s local listing and social strategy. This offering can be added on to any of the above tiers.

Part One:

The first half of this offering is focused on building out your business’s local listings. If not already created we will help you set up your Google My Business profile, claim your location’s profile and build out the NAP (name, address, phone) data and other essential elements of the profile.

Should your profile already be created, we will help optimize it even further by adding photos, submitting appropriate additional information (e.g. menu items if a restaurant, products if a shop, etc) and auditing the categorization of your business. Additionally, we will build out a Google Post strategy, helping you connect with your future and current customers that much more.

Part Two:

To ensure that your customers are able to find you no matter where they are, we will also revitalize your social media strategy. If not already created, we will set up relevant social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) and if already created, we will ensure they are linking back to your website and optimize them.

We will make sure there are open graph tags implemented on your website, to ensure that your social strategy is continued even off the page. And if social profiles are part of your marketing mix, we will also evaluate (the best position for ?) whether or not adding them to the footer or elsewhere on site makes sense.

You will receive a claimed Google My Business profile, an outlined Google Post strategy for the upcoming month, and an OG tag report for easy for implementation. Plus setup of the social accounts of your choice with recommendations to tie your site to your social profiles.

Note:  If you have your own webmaster to implement the changes, great. Otherwise, feel free to call on us to do the coding of these SEO recommendations.

Please give us a call to learn more about how we can improve your website and get results.



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