Tier 3: SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Take your business a step further by taking advantage of our SEO content strategy package and improving your site’s SEO in three different ways. 

Part One:
The first part of our content strategy outline includes:

  • Mapping your existing content with the keyword list to determine which of your pages should be targeting which keywords
  • Recommendations for which pages should be rewritten along with copy suggestions
  • H1-H3 (Heading) assessment and recommendations
  • Determination of duplicate content percentage and outline of pages that need to have a canonical applied or be rewritten

Part Two:
The second part of our SEO content marketing strategy covers image search and optimization techniques which are crucial to your website’s success.  We will audit images on the site and determine which need improvement and optimizing. This includes file names and a recommended online strategy for naming your images based on the keyword research.

Part Three:
Part three of our SEO content strategy package includes internal linking auditing. We will map out and  evaluate your internal linking structure, which pages are, or need to be linked via keyword text links to one another and discover any pending opportunities for building a more solid internal linking strategy.

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet with recommended variations of keywords, their search volumes, and our recommendations based on the top keywords, as well as your overall tech audit score, category tech scores broken out, and recommendations for improvement. Plus a report that maps each page to the keyword copy it should be focused on. This will include a tab listing which pages (if any) are duplicate.

We will also take this opportunity to include a tab with re-written headers and other additional copy suggestions. If relevant, we will include a section dedicated to images and image naming. We will also outline which pages should link to others. 

Note:  If you have your own webmaster to implement the changes, great. Otherwise, feel free to call on us to do the coding of our SEO content strategy recommendations on an hourly or project basis.

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