You can accept credit cards online in real-time and/or manually with an online merchant account using Ecommerce is the norm these days and getting your online merchant account integrated into your website will allow you to generate sales online.

An online merchant account with is the easiest way to accept credit cards on your website. offers a powerful web-based software tool that simulates the behavior of a physical credit card terminal in a secure, real-time environment. payment gateway integrates with your web site and/or shopping cart system and may also be used for phone and mail order sales using their virtual terminal.

Some banks charge $600 or more to setup an online merchant account with Authorizenet! Our setup fee is only $169. And that is refundable if you are not approved.

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- accept credit cards online in real time directly from your web site. Connect via a variety of ways through the shopping cart program of your choice. Sales typically are approved within five seconds and complete online reporting is available.


- manually enter phone and mail order sales. Virtual terminal supports multiple users and can facilitate recurring billing. Internet access is all that is required.

eCHECK.NET (optional)

- accept "electronic" checks from your web site in real time or through the Virtual Terminal. eCheck.Net also supports recurring billing. Checks are normally funded in about five business days. Additional fees apply.


For an online merchant account, your web site must be live and display the products you wish to sell. It must gather credit card info on a secure SSL page.

How it Works:

You can use with the shopping cart of your choice or you can connect directly via a secure link.

If you decide to connect directly (rather than through a shopping cart) you can have your own payment page with your logo and business name. Any consumer who clicks on your secure form link will be presented with a customized order form that matches your web site but that is located on a secure Authorize.Net hard drive. The transition is seamless and invisible (except a hard-to-notice change in the URL address). Once a consumer completes the fields of the order form, all of the information is encoded for secure transmission through the gateway for authorization.


An online merchant account with integrates right into your web site. No worries about downloading software, no large hard drive requirements, and no language-compatibility issues