PayWare Mobile

PayWARE Mobile Gateway

If you're on the move, our PayWARE Mobile gateway for iPhone and iPad is the way to go. You'll have your 'credit card machine' with you wherever you go - just plug the swiper into your iPhone or iPad and you can get competitive rates on Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX transaction.

PAYware mobile gateway is an iPhone / iPad payment solution comprised of an app (from the App store), card encryption sleeve, and gateway. You simply swipe a customer's card, capture a signature with the included stylus, and ring up the sale.

PAYware benefits:

  • Saves you money by avoiding "card-not-present" transaction fees
  • Saves time and eliminates manual key entry errors
  • Quickly converts an iPhone into a mobile payment device
  • Easily accept credit cards anywhere
  • Never stores sensitive card data
  • PA-DSS approved for the highest security available
  • Compliant with all major card brands' security standards
  • Extensive reporting includes transaction detail, post-settlement and transaction search

1.79% Qualified Rate (mim $25/mo)
$0.12 per transaction
$16.95/mo (one iPhone, add $10 each addtl iPhone or iPad)
$10.00/mo statement fee
$6.95/mo PCI compliance

One time set-up fee of $69