Third Party Processors

Accepting credit cards is an essential feature for any online business. And every serious business has their own merchant account.

However, many start-ups and small, mom and pop businesses can simply not justify the minimum cost per month if they aren't making the sales to support it yet.  As such, we have included this section on third-party processors to aid you in your decision.

Keep in mind that Third Party Processors sometimes:

  • Cost disproportionately more the more sales you make
  • Require your customers to leave your site to make a purchase
  • List their logo on your payment page
  • Include their name on your customers' credit card statements, making it more difficult for your customers to remember what the charge is for, which can result in more charge backs, lost sales, and fees.
Third Party Processor



PayPal 2.2 - 2.9% $0.30 Free  
ProPay 3.5% $0.35 $35
Annual fee of $34.95+, and a fee each time money is deposited in your account, no Discover or AMEX, $1,000 max/mo at the Basic level.
CCNow 9% $0.00 Free
$9.95 per month additional
2checkout 5.5% $0.45 $49 Bi-monthy payouts, must be used on your website, not manually
Square 2.75% / 3.50%  (non-swiped) $0.15 (non swiped) Free  

We do not endorse any of these third-party processors but are including them as alternative processing options.