A New Look for James Selig AntiquesNov152023

A New Look for James Selig Antiques

Hosting Connecticut LLC is proud to launch the newly redeveloped James Selig Estate Jewelry and Antiques website and online presence. 

James Selig Antiques is a family-owned business in Windsor, Connecticut operated by Jamie Selig and his sister Sharran Selig Bennet. Their store offers an array of rare and unusual finds from antique jewelry to vinyl record albums that change almost daily.

HostingCT redesigned the text logo to better reflect their services and company culture. “We created a whimsical truck image which illustrates that Jamie is on the road helping people cleanout homes, and to include the casual, fun atmosphere of the shop,” said HostingCT CEO, Paula Pierce.

Their main service, though, is home cleanouts. When a family moves, or a relative passes away there is an entire home full of things to deal with. As anyone who’s been through it knows, this can be an arduous, emotional and time-consuming task. Families can depend on James Selig to help them deal with the items left in the home. Jamie can help family members get good prices for the belongings while discarding or donating the rest. 

Hosting Connecticut talked with Jamie and Sharran before tackling their project to gain an understanding of their goals and how the team could help achieve them. HCT identified areas of the website that needed major updates to help visitors understand the full array of services offered and to entice people to walk into the store. “When people come in to the shop,” says Sharran, “They always find something unique whether it’s records, jewelry, or something that has nostalgic value for them.” 

Hosting Connecticut also performed SEO (Search Engine Optimization), data analysis with Google Analytics and setup an email marketing system. With these tools in place, they ensure that people will find the website easily in Google, staff can track how the website is performing, and provide the data for future growth. 

James Selig Antiques can be found online at https://jamesseligantiques.com/ or contacted directly at 860-798-4105.

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