Dewey’s Barrels Partners with HostingCT To Delve Into EcommerceJan192024

Dewey’s Barrels Partners with HostingCT To Delve Into Ecommerce

When Dewey’s Barrels wanted to take their retail business online, owners, Jerry Lattal and Tracy Dargenio, called Hosting Connecticut LLC. Tracy had worked with HostingCT before and liked how easy it was to update a website built by their team.

“I knew that by going with Paula Pierce and her team, I’d get an inviting, easy-to-use website and be able to maintain our products online as easily as I could in the store,” said Dargenio.

Dewey’s Barrels sells original whiskey, bourbon, and wine barrels as well as creative custom items handmade from barrel staves, the long, curved pieces that make up the sides of a barrel. They use all parts each barrel including the tops, staves and hoops. And they showcase local artist's work for sale as well.

Now customers can browse and purchase barrels, bottle openers, wood chunks, stave signs and more all from their computer or phone. “People are so busy these days that they don’t always want to drive to a retail location to buy their favorite gift items, especially if they already have a feel for the type of creative items they offer. Having the selection online is a real win-win,” says Pierce.

Dewey’s Barrels is located 332 Poquonock Avenue in Windsor, CT and can be found online at or contacted directly at 860-298-9305. Watch the video at

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