Hosting Connecticut LLC Receives Women’s Business Development Council Equity Match Grant (EMG)Jul162021

Hosting Connecticut LLC Receives  Women’s Business Development Council Equity Match Grant (EMG)

Hosting Connecticut LLC received an “Equity Match Grant” from the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) in New Haven, Connecticut. The grant was developed to help women-owned businesses take their companies to the next level. As Samantha Cross, business advisor at WBDC stated, “We are excited to see your business grow and look forward to supporting you as you move forward.” In addition to the financial award, the WBDC is offering a mentorship opportunity to all of EMG recipients.

For over 18 years, Hosting Connecticut has been providing digital services to clients from all over the U.S., Canada and the UK. Hosting Connecticut offers all aspects of online business in one place; domain names, website design, website hosting, digital marketing, e-commerce, merchant accounts and more. One of Hosting Connecticut’s clients had this to say about the services provided, “Thanks to you, our website is now a superior information source and marketing tool. You have a level of dedication and diligence that is rarely seen today.”

Hosting Connecticut is pleased to receive this grant. As stated by founder and owner, Paula M. Pierce, “I was thrilled to get the call that I was chosen for a WBDC grant. I had put weeks of thought and effort into the application, which helped me see the business in a new light and refocus on business growth." She intends to use the grant to fund upgrades to the sales process to make her team more efficient, to reduce sales cycle time by 60%, and to automate appointment scheduling to save time.

As an ethics-driven, woman-owned digital marketing company, Hosting Connecticut has tremendous potential. The company is in a growth stage and this grant will facilitate the addition of W-2 employees. Hosting Connecticut is also helping other small businesses survive and thrive by helping them utilize online strategies to pivot during the pandemic and aftermath.

Hosting Connecticut, LLC is a Connecticut-based website development company that can be found online at Go to for helpful marketing tips by email. Contact Paula at 860-683-4201 or schedule a phone call at