Hosting Connecticut Launches New Website for Telework RecruitingOct52015

Hosting Connecticut Launches New Website for Telework Recruiting

Hosting Connecticut announces the launch of a new website for Telework Recruiting. For over 20 years, Telework Recruiting has been dedicated to helping professionals in every field gain telecommuting employment; as well as assisting employers in sourcing qualified remote workers. Telework Recruiting continues to be one of of the few resources available to job seekers who are looking for strictly teleworking opportunities.

According to Pamela La Gioia, owner of Telework Recruiting, "We have expanded our services quite a bit since we created the original website. We needed it to be much more interactive for our members. We also needed a more contemporary design to match the forward progress of our company including better mobile display."

Hosting Connecticut created a new website that better reflects the wide-ranging services of Telework Recruiting, including dashboards for members and employers, an easy to use membership registration system, content management software so staff can add new content easily and integration with their email marketing and social media accounts.

Hosting Connecticut's CEO, Paula Pierce, says, "The new website provides a great user experience on mobile devices, too, and keeps all the relevant content at the users' fingertips."

Pamela added, "Teaming up with Hosting Connecticut made redeveloping our website much easier; with Paula Pierce personally overseeing the project, I never had a real worry. Her technical knowledge and dedication turned a complicated project into a success."

Visit Telework Recruiting online at to learn more about services for job seekers and employers of telecommuting workers.

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