Misplaced StrawsJul122021

Misplaced Straws

Jeff Gaudiosi, owner of Misplaced Straws, has always had a passion for music. He has travelled the country for concerts and music which have been at the center of his life. Jeff has always loved sharing his thoughts on music and reviews of records and concerts on social media.  For years Jeff’s family and friends told him he should start a website to talk about music. Finally, in 2018, Jeff started MisplacedStraws.com.

What began as a place for Jeff to share his thoughts quickly morphed into something bigger.  He began to book interviews with musicians, first by email, then phone and video.  The site grew quickly and soon became one of the top sites in the field with interviews from some of the biggest names in rock. 

Jeff began to notice problems with his website which was on the Blogger platform so he reached out to Hosting Connecticut LLC to see how they could assist him. He felt stymied by the limitations of Blogger and wanted to transfer over to a robust WordPress site that could handle the larger files and additional traffic the site was attracting due to the amazing, exclusive concert photos, reviews and videos on the site.

Jeff related, “When I began MisplacedStraws.com 3 years ago, I had no idea that it would grow as quickly as it has and become as big as it is.  I soon realized that my site outgrew its original web host.  After doing some research, I found that Paula and the team at Hosting Connecticut came highly recommended.”

Hosting Connecticut worked diligently to convert the site into WordPress with new features while retaining his trademark style. “We made sure the site reflected the energy of the site and included a link migration plan so Jeff didn’t lose any of the good search engine ranking he had achieved so far,” said Hosting Connecticut owner, Paula Pierce.

Jeff described the process, “We had a few phone calls where I explained the long- and short-term goals for my site, and they made it happen.  Hosting Connecticut stayed on budget and kept me updated the whole time.  They are even there to answer questions after going live.  Thanks to Hosting Connecticut, MisplacedStraws.com is ready to grow and evolve into the future.”

Interviews on MisplacedStraws.com have been picked up by media outlets around the world, including industry giants like Blabbermouth, Ultimate Classic Rock, Prog Magazine and many others. “I had to make sure the website kept up with my growing international reputation,” said Jeff, “and I’m very pleased with the progress we’ve made by partnering with Hosting Connecticut.”

Hosting Connecticut is an eighteen-year-old website development company based in Windsor, Connecticut that puts all the pieces of online business together from domain registration to digital marketing. Hosting Connecticut streamlines the process, saving small businesses time and money. For more information, please go to www.HostingCT.com or call 860-683-4201.