Non-Profit Wins Free WebsiteNov12009

Non-Profit Wins Free Website

Who gets something for nothing these days? A Windsor non-profit animal rescue organization, Help Our Wildlife Live (H.O.W.L.) did! H.O.W.L is the lucky winner of the free website offered by two local website developers.

"We're thrilled to have been chosen for the free website," says Kazik Skoczylas, secretary of H.O.W.L..

Windsor entrepreneurs, John Waiveris of Invisible Gold LLC and Paula M. Pierce of Hosting Connecticut LLC, decided back in August that in difficult economic times, community members and small businesses should support each other.

Their contribution was to offer a free website to one non-profit organization and to one business chosen by a third party from nominations from the public. "It seemed like the right thing to do," says Waiveris.

"H.O.W.L is a perfect example of an organization that could make great use of a website," says Pierce. H.O.W.L is a grouping of volunteer wildlife rehabilitators licensed by the State of CT to accept and take care of injured and/or orphaned animals, nurse them back to health, then release them back into their natural habitat. But they've had trouble getting the message out that they are there to help.

"A website will give the public a point of contact when they find injured or orphaned animals and will give H.O.W.L a means of raising funds to carry on our mission," says Skoczylas. The organization receives no state or federal funds. The rehabilitators and volunteers pay out-of-pocket for all expenses incurred and would like to solicit some donations to help fund their work.

Funds are used to purchase food and medical supplies, veterinary care, containers to house the animals and to build flight cages to rehab them in. Animals helped by H.O.W.L. include raptors (hawks, owls, falcons, vultures, etc.), bats, ducks, many species of common birds, herons, egrets, raccoons, possums, skunks, squirrels, beavers, etc.

The website address will be and should be completed by middle of January.

Waiveris and Pierce have teamed up on many website projects to offer good, professional design backed by an easy-to-use administrative interface that allows the website owner to keep the site updated easily without any specialized knowledge.

For more information about Hosting CT, visit or call Paula Pierce at 860-683-4201. For more information about Invisible Gold, visit or call John Waiveris at 860-285-0172