Use Wordpress software for your website and forget about html coding or having to call (and pay!) your webmaster to do every little update!

Wordpress is a content management system that allows you to let your designer customize the site's look and functionality so you can focus solely on content. Update the content any time without needing any html skills. Edit existing pages. Add new pages. Upload images.

It's easy to use and amazingly extendable for all kinds of new functionality you might want to add including membership logins, e-commerce, etc.

Using Wordpress for a Blog

Wordpress is very flexible. It started out as a way to create a blog, and can still be used as blog software, whether or not you use it for your whole website. You can read more about the benefits of having a blog for your business below.

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WordPress Update Service - Security and More

WordPress is a content management system that helps business website owners keep their content current, but keeping a WordPress website secure, up-to-date and running smoothly can be a hassle.

Our WordPress Security Update Service is optional, however without regular software updates, your site is at risk of becoming outdated and vulnerable to hackers and malware.

This service ensures that your site is always up-to-date and protected with the latest Wordpress security patches and updates as well as Wordpress Plug-In security patches and updates and even Theme updates when available and appropriate. While you can install updates on your own, it does require a working knowledge of the WordPress admin area.

WordPress releases new updated versions regularly for security and new functionality. It’s very important to keep up with these upgrades for security reasons – sites running older versions of WordPress are more vulnerable to hacking. And plugins on your site also require updating for exactly the same reason.

Our Wordpress security update service can help you keep your WordPress site or blog running quickly and securely.

WordPress Update Service Includes:

* Backup WordPress database and files prior to monthly maintenance tasks
* Run malware scan
* Check for and resolve broken links
* Remove spam comments
* Install new WordPress releases when available
* Check licensing for all plugins and themes
* Install available updates to plugins and themes
* Visually recheck site for any formatting or layout problems and verify plugins and themes are functioning properly

What It Doesn't Include

* Fixing compatibility issues between plugins
* Researching new plugins to replace old plugins that are causing trouble
* Custom programming to fix plugin incompatibility or other issues

What Does It Cost?

WordPress Security Update Service is $50 / quarter. Fixes for incompatibility updates are done at $75/hour.

Do You Guarantee My Site Won’t Be Hacked?

Sorry, to say it, but that's actually impossible. We can’t guarantee that your site will not be hacked. The internet attracts hackers. With this service, though, the likelihood of hacking will be greatly reduced. And if your site does get hacked, this work will enable you to get up and running again more quickly.

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