SEO involves many different aspects of website building and marketing including keyword research, technical specifications, content creation, citations/directory listings and social media accounts. When combined, they offer a powerhouse of tools to boost your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization Services 

The best way to handle SEO is to figure it into your monthly marketing budget and keep tabs on all aspects of SEO.

At Hosting CT we offer a three-tiered approach to search engine optimization.

1) We do the research to find out which keywords will bring you more traffic,

2) Investigate your website for any technical structural issues that might be holding you back from great results, and

3) Examine your existing content and develop a strategy to get you the traffic you need to succeed.

Contact us today to start improving the SEO of your website today. Remember that Search Engine Optimization takes time, so start today!

See our SEO packages below:

Tier 1: SEO Keyword Audit


Our SEO Keyword Audit focuses on the keywords that your small business or website should be targeting to bring you the most traffic.

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Tier 2: Technical & Search Structure Audit


Our Technical SEO Audit includes the SEO keyword Audit above plus a technical audit of your existing SEO.

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Tier 3: SEO Content Marketing Strategy


This includes both the keyword and technical audits above plus even more to boost your exposure.

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Add-On: Local SEO Audit and Implementation

$250 Each

For locally focused businesses, we also offer a search engine optimization service focused on your business’s local listing and social strategy. This offering can be added on to any of the above tiers.

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