What Is Social Marketing

You know your business should be on social media, but don't have the time? Depending on your business you might want to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Instagram, etc)

Social marketing is a fantastic way to spread word about your products or services from one person to another. It helps you establish an informal relationship with happy customers and enables you to reach out to like-minded friends and family who may share an interest in what your business has to offer.

As an example, if a Facebook page has 184 fans, and each fan has 184 friends, those fans may have 72,824 friends altogether! When any one of those fans interacts with the account (posts, clicks Like, shares, etc) the post/link can show up on their friends' news feeds!


We can get you started on Facebook so your business has a presence and, soon, a good group of fans and/or followers. Custom timeline graphic creation is available (see below).

Facebook setup is relatively painless - we setup a business page for you and connect it to your personal account (it is separate, only used to administer the business page), create a custom cover graphic and profile photo and work up a posting schedule. 

Then get the word out to your mailing/email list and integrate Facebook into your website in various ways - from a simple 'Like us on Facebook' graphic link to adding LIKE buttons next to each blog post or product to automatically showing your latest posts on your site.


Twitter is a great platform for quick and simple communications to your followers. As people follow your twitter account you can share links to information, information on upcoming promotions or simply provide a means to connect with your customers that can boost sales by generating interest and loyalty.

We can help you set up an account and show you how to Tweet. We also offer custom Twitter background graphic and posting schedule services and can even set your Facebook to post to your Twitter automatically, or vice versa.


Pinterest is great for businesses that have lots of great photos and customer-interactions to share with their audience. Rememer to use apprproate hashtags!


LinkedIn is a best for posts about your business, staff, industry. Share news, information, community projects, successes, testimonials, learning experiences you've had or simply provide a means to connect with like-minded business people, potential clients and employees.

Google My Business

Googe My Business is a great resource in so many ways. Don't forget to optimize your listing and then post information and offers there for people to find when they search for your services in Google.  We can't stress enough the importace of GMB for local businesses.


Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management Package includes:
- Posting and status updates up to 3x/week (You supply the content (or ask about our copywriting and content creation services)
- Engagement with followers and fans
- Sharing information
- Connecting with new people
- Promotion of events
- Sharing your knowledge and expertise
- Daily/monitoring for comments, spam, messages
Cost: $500/mo per platform

Our Social Marketing Services

Social Media Account Setup


We will set up a business page for you on your chosen social media and give you access to administer it, and create a custom graphic and profile photo.


Social Media Management


Includes 3 posts/week to one social media account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Instagram, etc)


Blog / Social Posting


1 blog or social post / week on one account (4 per month) - you provide the content.


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