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Platinum Prep needed a way to convert orders into ingredients and a shopping list for procurement. A custom designed system broke the meals down into ingredients, including calculations for cooking shrinkage so the kitchen staff would know exactly how much of each ingredient to order for the next day. A custom multi-location pickup and delivery system was also added to make the services on this site more accessible.

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Platinum Prep Meals is built on 4 simple words… “Clean Eating Made Easy”. They believe that clean cooking techniques combined with simple fresh ingredients is the key an exceptional nutritious lifestyle. One of Platinum Prep's biggest principles is sourcing healthy quality ingredients. Specifically sourcing antibiotic free, hormone free, GMO free veggies and wild caught fishes. Platinum Prep’s cooking and prepping processes includes no added sodium in seasonings or oils during cooking.

HostingCT created a custom development of inventory management system for kitchen staff, custom multi-location pickup and delivery system.

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