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The Hosting Connecticut team met with Tomaca to review her website and how we can help her organize her website in a way that visitors won’t be overwhelmed with all of her beautiful content. Before Hosting Connecticut updated the website it had 80 pages to review. Tomaca’s goals are to attract attention to book gigs, have videos of her and her band from recent gigs, sell her music directly from the website, also purchase branded merchandise and sell her two books that are available on Amazon. Tomaca also express interest in adding a place where visitors can provide their email address to be added to a mailing list, to receive emails of her upcoming shows. Connecting her Social Media accounts for visitors to easily follow her was a must. Another part of the discussion was to connect her music with platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Hosting Connecticut redesigned the entire website with all the information they reviewed with Tomaca. Streamlining all of the wonderful content Tomaca offered on her original website. Making the experience a more user friendly platform by adding separate pages where visitors can listen to or purchase her music directly from the website. Showcasing her recent and past videos of her performances. Adding a page where you can purchase merchandise or one of her two books. Directly connecting her music with iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, and all of her Social Media accounts. Incorporating a place where visitors can subscribe to her newsletter to stay up to date with new song releases and performances. Dedicated a page where venues can book a performance with Tomaca.

Hosting Connecticut also performed much needed SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics and Social Media improvements. SEO is a process used to optimize a website’s content relevance, so it can be found more easily in Google Searches. Google Analytics, a platform that helps collect data from a website’s traffic and provides reports on how well the website is performing, was installed and gathering data to provide information future growth.

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