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Photos are one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal when making a brand-new website, blogging, and adding new life to a social media page. But many people fail to understand that there are laws and regulations governing how photos can and can’t be used. Typing your desired subject into a Google search and simply copying the images from Google isn’t exactly legal. To be specific, it isn’t legal at all.

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Using social media to grow your business has become a standard in the marketing world. Any business can benefit from reaching out to their customers on social media platforms. However, some of us have an odd tendency to only focus on one platform at a time. While it might be slightly more cost effective to dedicate those budget dollars towards one specific platform and focus on perfecting it, the reality is that ignoring other social media networks is a really bad idea.

Some social media sites offer a much bigger audience than others, but ignoring additional potential growth from other sites is a big mistake, especially when similar content can be utilized for nearly all platforms.

One such site to look out for is Snapchat. This social media platform has grown rapidly over the past few years. It is estimated that out of all social media users out there, about 23% of them are using Snapchat or at least have a valid Snapchat account.

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