Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce Unveils Website Enhancements for a Modernized User ExperienceDec282023

Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce Unveils Website Enhancements for a Modernized User Experience

The Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a series of updates to its website, aimed at providing a more streamlined and visually appealing experience for visitors.
The revamped website incorporates design changes, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality to better serve the community.

Hosting Connecticut LLC, a long-time member of Bradley Regional Chamber, was chosen to collaborate with President, Daniel Hernandez, and Executive Director, Gina Marie Alimberti to explore the modifications and enhancements they wanted for their existing website. Updates included color palette change for a lighter and more vibrant feel to the website. Each website section and its sub-pages now feature eye-catching sidebars with distinct colors, displaying the logo and page title prominently. This ensures a cohesive and organized look throughout the site and an optimized navigation structure for better usability.

These updates reflect the Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce's commitment to delivering an exceptional online experience and staying at the forefront of user-centric design to better serve their members.

Daniel Hernandez expressed, “When the Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce first decided to update the website, all we had was an idea to make it “modern and clean,” but really didn’t understand what that meant in practical terms, only that a complete overhaul was necessary.  With Hosting CT, we were able to go page by page to optimize every color, button, location, and function, and throughout each step, they were there to discuss what’s practical and cost- efficient, while still achieving the user experience our members deserved.  We felt like our input was carefully considered and Hosting CT made every effort to deliver on our vision.  They were willing to meet virtually outside of typical work hours, including weekends, and were very responsive to emails.  As an organization whose mission it is to create connections within the business community, we are thrilled to partner with a local company for our digital needs.“

Bradley Regional Chamber of Commerce can be found online at If you are considering becoming a member you can apply by clicking here.

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