Georgetown Associates Refocuses Website On Future DevelopmentJan202023

Georgetown Associates Refocuses Website On Future Development

Hosting Connecticut LLC is proud to launch the newly redeveloped Georgetown Associates website and online presence. Georgetown Associates of Windsor, Connecticut was approved by Capital Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) to receive a technical assistance grant with digital services provided by Hosting Connecticut LLC.

Georgetown Associates LLC is a firm that offers comprehensive economic development and project management. They are based in Windsor, Connecticut and serve a wide range of clientele though their primary focus is working with municipalities, communities, and companies to solve challenges, accelerate change and implement new and innovative processes. Georgetown Associates is leading the way in growth, change management, innovation, project planning, technology, urban and regional planning, and cutting-edge business practices.

The principal of Georgetown Associates is Wayne Benjamin. Wayne has over twenty years of experience in Banking/Finance and Economic Development. Previously worked as Director of the Economic Development Division for the city of Hartford, Connecticut. 

Hosting Connecticut gleaned from conversations with Wayne all the information they needed about the company to create a website that matched their professionalism and let their long experience with economic development shine through.  The website is on a more user-friendly platform with content geared toward their target market and includes a call to action to generate phone calls and emails to Wayne directly. HostingCT redesigned their logo to be a bold interpretation of progress, with a contemporary design. 

Hosting Connecticut also performed much needed SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Analytics and Social Media improvements. SEO is a process used to optimize a website’s content relevance, so it can be found more easily in Google Searches. Google Analytics, a platform that helps collect data from a website’s traffic and provides reports on how well the website is performing, was installed and gathering data to provide the fodder for future growth.

Hosting Connecticut also created social media accounts for Georgetown Associates, such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Using social media platforms allows Wayne and his team to share their projects and progress with others, which will create more interest in their work. One of Wayne’s larger projects that he completed while working for the city of Hartford, a $120 million urban redevelopment project on the Colt Factory in Hartford was completed in 2012 and is Connecticut’s only National Park.

Wayne expressed his experience with Hosting Connecticut stating, “It was both an enjoyable and personable experience to work with Hosting CT to reimage our website. The tasks were completed in an efficient and straightforward manner as we honed in on the various milestones and deliverables to refocus our efforts to align with our target audience in this dynamic environment."

Georgetown Associates LLC can be found online at or contacted directly at 860-785-3236.

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