Tomaca Entertains All with Newly Updated WebsiteApr242023

Tomaca Entertains All with Newly Updated Website

Tomaca (to-may-sha) of Windsor, Connecticut was approved by Capital Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) to receive a technical assistance grant with digital services provided by Hosting Connecticut LLC. Hosting Connecticut LLC is proud to launch the newly redeveloped Tomaca website. Tomaca expressed, "I was very grateful to be a recipient of the CRCOG grant.  It enabled me to enhance my existing website and to have some video produced. These are things I would not have been able to do on my own.  It's wonderful that such funding exists to help small businesses and entrepreneurs like myself."

Tomaca is a dynamic four octave vocalist and performer who sings across genres and does RnB, Motown, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Rock and Show Tunes. Tomaca began singing in a Lutheran church as a child and developed a really big operatic voice. It wasn’t until her early thirties that she pursued a singing career. She started singing part-time and eventually formed her own band. She’s performed throughout New England and spent some time performing in Las Vegas, opened for Kool and the Gang and is a former anthem singer for UConn basketball.

The Hosting Connecticut team met with Tomaca to review her website and discuss how to organize it in a way that visitors wouldn’t be overwhelmed with all of her content. Before Hosting Connecticut updated the website it had 80 pages to review. Tomaca’s goals for the site were to attract attention and book gigs, show recent videos of her and her band, sell her music and merchandise directly from the website. Tomaca also wanted a place where visitors could choose to be added to a mailing list of upcoming shows. Connecting her Social Media accounts for visitors to easily follow her was a must. She also needed to connect her music with platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Hosting Connecticut worked with Tomaca to come up with a redesign plan that encompassed all of her goals including streamlining her great amount of content. This makes for a much smoother experience for visitors where they can find, listen to and purchase music and view recent videos of performances. They created a page where venues or individuals can book a performance as well.

Hosting Connecticut also performed much needed SEO (Search Engine Optimization), optimizing the website’s content so it can be found more easily in Google Searches. Google Analytics was installed and is now gathering data to provide information for future growth.

“Tomaca is a unique performer, writer, and all around creative person,” says Paula Pierce, owner of Hosting Connecticut. “We’re thrilled to help get her name out there and introduce new people and communities to her amazing voice through her website and social networks.”

Tomaca can be found online at For booking information, her agent can be contacted at 860-966-1661.

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